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We specialize in insurance solutions in the field of personal, property and property protection

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We offer personal and individual advice from our qualified team on site and in the office


Our goal is to improve people's lives through new generation insurance solutions

Choose the right insurance for you

Choose the right insurance for you.
You can get special discounts on your additional insurance from us alone as a couple or as a family.
Now you can compare your health insurance independently,And evaluate where you can get the most benefits.

For us, trust is everything

It is important to us to build a long-term relationship of trust with people. With discipline and professionalism, we are committed to realizing this promise and improving the lives of our customers.

We work with commitment and seriousness

The best deal on the market based on clear advantages and benefits to give you the best possible performance.

For us, trust is everything

Transparency, integrity and honesty are the basis of our profession. One of our fundamental pillars as a company is to make all our activities transparent for you.

We want to make sure you have excellent health insurance by relying on an insurance company that fits you perfectly.

It covers costs such as attorney fees, legal advice, court fees or litigation compensation with the other party.

In addition to compulsory liability insurance, you can also insure your motor vehicle fully or partially.

We have an overview of the differences in benefits in accident insurance between health insurance and employers.

Private insurers offer additional services to supplement individual basic care needs.

The third pillar 3 private pension fund aims to close the first and second pillar gaps in income, ensure security and a carefree retirement age. Save yourself! Private pension provision is optional and is therefore subsidized by the state and the cantons with tax breaks. This means that each person pays directly for their services and thus saves for their age. The first and second pillars cover about 60% of the last salary, the third pillar allows you to continue your standard of living after retirement. This form of private pension also covers income disparities in disability, illness and death.

Do you have an important project to carry out and do you need an additional amount? Make your dreams come true now! We offer you tailor-made solutions with a transparent and professional comparison.

Optimize your insurance costs with Life Priority and save money every month.

How is our process



The basis is a complete analysis of your personal situation. You will receive tailor-made offers from us, tailored to your wishes and insurance needs.


With us you get the entire insurance offer from a single source. Our consultants offer you solutions that meet your wishes, expectations and needs.

Customer care through support

We take care of all your insurance matters so you can enjoy life safely. You will receive our support at any time, especially by phone.

Health and quality of life are investments.

Our team

Marco Urso

Managing Director

Customer Service
Languages: Italian, German, English and French
Email: m.urso@lifepriority.ch

Domenico Urso

Marketing Director

Customer Service
Languages: Italian and German
Email: d.urso@lifepriority.ch

Giuseppe Longobardi

Sales Manager

Customer Service
Languages: Italian, German and English

Christina Weingartner


Back Office
Email: @lifepriority.ch

Domenico De Rosa


Customer Service
Email: @lifepriority.ch

Costantino Cossu


Customer Service
Email: @lifepriority.ch

Marco Monte


Customer Service
Email: @lifepriority.ch


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